The Kremlin’s long-term plan to keep the conflict simmering, but never intense enough to attract the attention of the worlds media and politicians, is continuing. The Ukrainian military Face Book page for more front line info.

Wednesday: Russia’s forces doing their utmost to masquerade as humans, opened up 11 times, 3 of which used heavy weapons. Luckily they didn’t kill anyone, but it’s not from want of trying. Feb 4th pics show the results of Russian shelling in the Ukrainian held village of Travneve.

When the shells landed, the humanitarian organisation Mission Proliska was distributing aid in Travneve and the adjacent village of Hladosove (they’ve spelt the names differently). Both villages lie north of the large Russian occupied town of Horlivka.
Below is their tweet on the subject.

Hladosove & Travneve villages can be seen in the top middle.

Tuesday: Using mortar fire, Russia’s forces tried to advance their positions towards Ukrainian held village of Krymske. They failed, with 1 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) destroyed. In total on Tue they opened up 12 times, with 5 of the attacks using mortars. Russia would like nothing more than to capture Krymske, as the river Siverskyi Donets right behind it would better enable them to defend this area.


Image of the burning Russian AFV.
Driving a single, slow moving armoured vehicle towards front line enemy positions is a guaranteed death sentence. And so it proved for the cannon fodder crew of this AFV. No doubt they were hoping the covering fire from the mortars, combined with the poor winter visibility would screen their advance. It was a forlorn hope.

So far this year, this is the second failed attempt by Russian forces to grab territory. Only adding to the success of stopping the fresh attack, is the AFV is reported as having been destroyed by the Ukrainian made Stugna-P anti-tank guided missile rocket system (below pic).



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