Russia’s Forces Scrap Yard in Ukraine

Located in the occupied Ukrainian city of Donetsk, is one of Russia’s military scrapyards. This one recovers battle damaged and presumably some broken down tanks, self-propelled artillery and armoured infantry vehicles.
Coordinates 47 57 25.54 N 37 51 15.83 E.

From Feb 2015, satellite imagery shows hundreds of pieces of hardware have passed through its gates. Some look to have been repaired, with others scrapped and probably shipped back to Russia.

scrap 5
April 2015: The former disused industrial site being converted for military use.

scrap 2
Sept 2015: Yellow square – Damaged hardware brought in. Orange – Repaired tanks, self-propelled artillery and parking for the military recovery trailers used to transport vehicles. Green square – The large industrial crane appears to be used to lift vehicles on and off the long recovery trailers.

scrap 3
Sept 2016. Recovery vehicles can be seen on the top right.

scrap 4 Sept 2017. With less heavy fighting, the volume of battle damaged vehicles coming into the yard has reduced.

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