The up and down level of firing attacks by Russia’s forces in Ukraine continues.
Yesterday saw the largest increase in their use of heavy weapons. On Monday they launched a total of 12 provocation firing attacks, with 8 of these using mortars. As a consequence, the shelling saw 1 Ukrainian soldier wounded. Ukraine military report.

Now, it’s no great revelation to say the knock-on-effect of any increase in heavy weapons usage such as mortars, only leads to a dual increase in the misery inflicted upon the men, woman and children living along the front line. All too often, that’s the fatal type of misery.

Latest report on Ukrainian casualties lists 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 10 wounded. Jan 28th – Feb 10th – Russia’s forces launched 115 shooting attacks.

To give you a feel for the number of shells flying west and east across the front line, here’s the OSCE report for yesterday. As you can see, the vast bulk of firing took place in the Donetsk region. 430 explosions compared to 5 in Luhansk.

Russia’s forces usually share out the shelling pain and routinely swap regions. So once again we may see an increase in firing in Luhansk and less in Donetsk.



Written by Glasnost Gone

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