Ukrainian Children Talk about Front Line Life

In June 2018, three young children from the same family talk about living on the front line. Dasha, Diane and Rinat live in the Ukraine held village of Marinka. Situated opposite the Russian occupied city of Donetsk, it’s a village which after 5 years has endured a good deal of shelling.

Dasha, Diane and Rinat on the way to school.

To get sense for the everyday dangers endured by the kids, how life must go on even in times of war and the protective bond between the children, it’s a video which is well worth watching.

Imagine if your children had to go through this.
Imagine your children’s school getting routinely hit by shell and gunfire.
Imagine your children’s school needing sandbags to protect the class rooms windows. Imagine turning the basement in your house into an air raid shelter.

Map 8
Marinka, with occupied Donetsk city and Russian held territory seen on the right.  

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