Russia’s Forces Mine Kills 2 Civilians in Ukraine

Sadly, the total of civilians killed in Ukraine just got higher.
Feb 23rd at a Russian checkpoint, a road block mine blew a minibus to pieces, killing a reported two civilians and seriously injuring a third. The picture below shows the mine explosion crater on the bottom left, with the minibus having been thrown through the air by the impact. Russian video showing aftermath of explosion.

van 3

Typical of road checkpoints or so-called block posts, are concrete blocks/barriers. As seen on the left in the below picture, these are placed across a road to force traffic to slow down, with a gap left for vehicles to pass through. On what is a busy main road into occupied Donetsk city, it is sheer mindless Russian stupidity to place mines in an area where vehicles have to maneuver around barricades, or in this case drive within a few feet of them. To me it’s yet another sign of the callous attitude shown towards civilians by Russia’s occupying forces.


One of the unfortunate victims.

The remains of the minibus.

Checkpoint at village of Olenvika, 15km from Donetsk city (seen on the right).
van 4
van 5

Now both sides use mines and various forms of anti-personnel devices along the front line. With no doubt a defence first and foremost attitude, Russian checkpoints are no strangers to seeing civilians blown up by mines.

Last year near a checkpoint in the occupied city of Horlivka, the three boys seen below were killed by a Russian anti-personal mine. Because of Putin’s 2014 invasion, eastern Ukraine has regrettably become one of the most mined infested areas in the entire world. So it’s no surprise that civilians going about their daily lives keep on paying the price for that unenviable title.


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