Conflict News: Russia’s Shells Still Falling

Unsurprisingly, there’s been no let up in the shelling, with artillery now being used by Russia’s forces. February has been a bloody month, with a steady flow of Ukraine’s sons killed and wounded. Inevitably, with more civilian houses being hit, it wont be long before we see yet more civilians in cemeteries laid to rest beside soldiers.

With Ukraine’s presidential elections in full swing, the gradual increase in ferocity of Russia’s shelling and corresponding propaganda blaming Ukraine for everything was all too predictable.

Mon – 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and 1 wounded. Tue – 3 Ukrainian soldiers wounded.
Wed – So far today, 1 soldier reported wounded.

Stats for Feb 11th – 24th.
Total of Russia’s forces firing attacks – 153.
Resulting in 5 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 23 wounded.

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Feb 24th Video and images from Russia’s shelling of Zolote. In the Luhansk Oblast (province) the village was hit hard by Russian artillery with at least 6 civilian houses damaged. The fact no one was killed or injured was a indeed a miracle.

Zolote 4
Shell craters in the village.

The video.

Zolote 1
Ukrainian reporter stands in an large artillery shell crater.

Zolote 2
Resident shows damage done to her house.

Zolote 3
Damaged house.

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