Russia’s Propaganda Claims US Troops in Africa are in Ukraine

Now, is it unfair to suggest those who work for Russia’s propaganda are unimaginative numpties? Based on the sheer weight of evidence over the last 5 years, the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

The Kremlin operates a system which has become known as – Fire Hosing.
Every week, they pump out a stream of disinformation and fake news. As seen below, much of it is low level grunt stuff, which could be produced by a four year old during their nursery lunch break. But quality is not king. Their unsubtle aim is simply to confuse people, convince people and clutter up social media and hashtags.

Because of Russia’s invasion and occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine, Ukraine gets a daily showering from Putin’s hose pipes. Cue today’s fake news classic.

Once again we have a report of US soldiers on the front line. And once again the so-called article produces zero evidence, other than the now standard use of unrelated pictures. This particular one is from 2018 and shows members of the East Africa Response Force (EARF) being trained by US soldiers in Djibouti East Africa. But at least it makes a nice change from US troops in Afghanistan.

This staple diet in the reporting of fake foreign troops fighting on, or visiting the front line in Ukraine reached its peak in 2018. We even had stories of UK Special Forces preparing to assassinate senior members of Russia’s so-called republics. This here is the first for 2019 and it most certainly wont be the last.

fake news 2
The hashtag happy Fort Russ News are based in Serbia.

fake news 3
The joke article which claims US soldiers arrived to check on US weapons. As usual we have someone somewhere saying he knows something about the Ukrainian army. Then, the Kremlin, Russian state media, and Russia’s useful idiots and propaganda outlets push the evidence lacking lies.

fake news 1
The Dec 2018 Military Times picture and info.


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