Europe’s 5 Year War Stats Update

Ever the optimist, I’m hoping that if I do this for long enough, I might one day be able to report some good news. In the meantime, here’s the latest OSCE fortnightly report.

Feb 11th to 24th.
Ceasefire violations – 15,800.
That’s a big increase from the 10,400 in prev 2 weeks. I say big, but it’s the now standard increase in firing from both sides after a ceasefires been in place for around 2 months.

Civilian Casualties.
2 killed and 1 injured – by Russian mine which blew up a minibus at a checkpoint in occupied Ukraine (see header pic).

Total Civilian Casualties in 2019.
2 killed and 7 Injured.

OSCE UAV Flight Issues.
Control of 3 UAV lost over Russian occupied territory.

Explosions by OSCE residence in occupied Donetsk city.
OSCE report them as explosive devices. Russia’s propaganda had tried hard to blame unseen Ukrainian UAVs for magically having dropped some bombs. However, OSCE reported the devices had no casing, discounting the grenades and shells used by both sides to drop bombs from their UAV. The whole episode smacks of yet another amateurish staged effort by Russia to blame Ukraine.

Update on important OSCE work in guaranteeing repairs to water, power and infrastructure. OSCE negotiate with both sides for local ceasefires to enable workers to repair items. As part of any agreement, OSCE monitors will usually stay with civilian workers whilst work is undertaken. As you can imagine, this is dangerous work.


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