No let up in shells being fired, but a welcome drop in casualties.
Wed – 1 Ukrainian soldier reported wounded, with 44 mortar and artillery shells fired by Russia’s forces. Thurs – No casualties and 143 shells fired. In addition to heavy weapon usage, anti-tank rockets, grenade launchers and heavy/light arms are typically being fired.

Reports of yet another ceasefire agreement in the offing.
With most lasting around a week, another ceasefire may sound about as reassuring as Putin saying – trust me. On the plus side, for the hundreds of thousands of people living along the front line, even a few days of relative calm and a reduction in the prospect of getting killed will be welcomed.

Life in the trenches.
Posted this week, it’s worth watching the below video to see the ingenuity of what Ukrainian soldiers manage to build in their positions. And to pay respect to both female and male reporters from UA, who routinely risk their lives to report from the front line.

Written by Glasnost Gone

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