Where Russia Hides its Hardware in Ukraine

In eastern Ukraine, Russia’s combat hardware is either hidden along the front line, stored out of sight in industrial buildings and woods, or stationed in several large bases and small compounds. As seen below, these small, enclosed compounds, are usually found well behind the front line, making them harder to hit with artillery.

These four here are just some of the numerous military compounds scattered around the occupied territories. Should you want to check out their locations, I’ve added the coordinates for each one on the images.

hardware 4
Near town of Torez – 28 tanks.

hardware 1Town of Uspenka – 8 Self-propelled artillery and 6 towed artillery.

hardware 2
Village of Bile – 29 covered tanks.

hardware 3
Near town of Krasnyi Luch – 9 self-propelled artillery, 10 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and 9 towed artillery guns.

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