Children’s Paintings Raise Money for Deceased Soldiers Families

Peaceful Ukraine Painting Competition.
This week about 1,200 children from the Cherkasy Oblast (province) participated in the “Peaceful Ukraine” competition. Representing the children’s dreams of a peaceful, blooming and wonderful Ukraine, the quality of the drawings and paintings was very high. Many children used the national flag colours of yellow and blue, with traditional Ukrainian symbols of people in national dresses and sun flowers featuring prominently.

To raise money for families of deceased soldiers killed on the front line, 100 of the pictures were sold in a charity action. An impressive and well deserved UAH 64,355 (around $2,300) was successfully raised. The children also decided to send families the remaining pictures. More info via the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website.


Starting price of pictures was from 150 UAH. The most expensive work was sold, which depicts a Cossack on a horse. He paid 2,500 UAH for it.



map 1
Cherkasy Oblast (province).

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