Russia’s Humanitarian Aid: Before & After

Russia’s sent 84 so-called “humanitarian aid” convoys into Russian occupied Ukraine. Not one of the trucks content has ever been independently checked by anyone and soldiers always stop the OSCE from observing their unloading.

With Russia claiming the trucks contain nothing more contentious than “foodstuff for children, medicines and medical equipment.” you’d think they would be more than happy to show everyone this important “aid.” This reluctance to reveal the convoys content and with Russia having presented no evidence to back up their claim to have sent thousands of tons of aid into Ukraine, it’s a safe bet each convoys contains military supplies.

So, with Russia Today hinting that countries which send aid into Venezuela have an ulterior motive, I couldn’t resist changing their tweeted image.

RT 1



Below are a few of the many cartoons mocking Russia’s “Humanitarian aid” convoys.






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