Google Street View in Ukraine’s War Zone

Not widely known, but Google Street view is available in Russian occupied Ukraine; the only downside being it unfortunately stopped updating once the conflict kicked off.

Using it is something of a surreal experience. Get yourself on Google Earth and zoom down to ground level, and street view for most major roads will appear. The photos showing people going about their everyday lives are in stark contrast to the ruins many of the locations have now become.

street view 2
Main road leading onto the occupied city of Donetsk.

street view 2a
The road today. Russian forces have built a large blocking emplacement across most of it.

street view 1
On the left is the aforementioned road leading into Donetsk. With the bridge under construction, the road seen in the middle distance leads into the industrial centre of the town of Avdiivka.

street view 3
The two arrows show the street view locations. The main road and bridges are held by Russia’s forces and mark the front line. Held by Ukraine, Avdiivka’s industrial centre is seen in top middle. Along with the several hundred houses on the left, it has been devastated by Russian artillery.

street view 4
Close-up of both locations.

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