How Russia Hides its Forces in Ukraine

Here’s another insight into how Russia hides its forces in Ukraine by using industrial buildings. Near the Russian border is the Ukrainian town of Amvrosiivka. Like most large villages and towns, it has a cluster of abandoned industrial buildings on its outskirts. Here Russia’s forces have taken over a large compound, which conveniently also has a large aerial transmitter within it. Coordinates – 47 48 33.40 N 38 27 2.03 E.

Satellite images show Russian military vehicles located here since 2015. It’s an ideal site, as importantly it has a wall around it, which stops prying eyes and OSCE monitors from seeing inside it. The aerial may have been adapted for use in electronic warfare, or transmissions.

sm base 1
A number of classic green military transport trucks can be seen parked at the back of the compound.  They are grouped around the building which was almost certainly linked to the aerial (yellow box) usage.

sm base 2
The close-up quality of the sat image is not great, but the two vehicles highlighted in the yellow box maybe associated with electronic warfare. A major part of electronic warfare is listening in on enemy transmissions & the jamming of military systems, including UAV. The OSCE routinely report their UAV have been jammed and control of them lost when flying over occupied territory.

sm base 3
Some more army vehicles.
The below images show the location of the compound.
sm base 5

sm base 4
Russia is on the right, with the yellow line marking the Ukrainian border.

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