Pictures of Ukrainian Soldiers Holding the Line

Yesterday saw another 2 brave Ukrainian soldiers wounded. Russia’s forces launched 7 firing attacks, hitting mostly areas in the Donetsk region – Pisky Avdiivka Mariupol etc. Do Russian tax payers know they’re paying for the millions of shells and bullets which have been fired solely in an effort to kill Ukrainians?

Today’s 6pm update report has Russia’s forces firing 5 times, with some 100 mortars shells launched in anger. No Ukrainian casualties are reported.

As I’ve said time and again, much of this Russian fire is carried out to provoke Ukrainian return fire. In terms of morale, it also helps keep Russia’s forces on their toes and gives them something to do. With around 35,000 troops and mercenaries in eastern Ukraine, and with the vast bulk of them doing little beyond getting cold and damp, firing off a few shells probably comes as a welcome relief.

Below are some recent photos of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line.
The second pictures shows a woman. 166 Ukrainian women have won military awards for serving on the front line; 5 of which were posthumously awarded. More than 7,000 female military personnel and workers within Ukrainian armed forces have received the status of the combat participant. Women first took up arms during the height of the fighting when Russia invaded in 2014. Joining militia groups, they helped defend their local towns and villages. These militia groups were later absorbed into the regular Ukrainian army, with many women staying on.






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