More Russian Fake News about Ukraine’s Army

On on Feb 27th, I wrote about Russia’s 2019 propaganda once again banging on about US soldiers on the front line. Clearly the clowns who think up this hotchpotch of fake news are either the dimmest dunces on the planet, or get a repetition bonus?
Yes, it’s the former.

Making up stories about foreign combat troops is a firm disinformation favorite. With the Kremlin’s propaganda all about insinuating Ukraine’s run by the US, NATO and numerous western countries, stirring things up about foreign troops either fighting or roaming around Ukraine helps back up that impression.

Cue today’s joke shop reporting.
Here we are expected to believe that a Ukrainian soldier was so surprised to see US soldiers that the first thing he decided to do was ring up a “hotline” (as you do) in occupied Ukraine and tell them all about it. From what would have been an incredibly long call, we are meant to believe the soldier spoke in great detail about how US soldiers had been given passports so they could enter Russia.

In an effort to make their fake stories sound credible, Russia’s propaganda adds references to genuine news. Hence, as reported in a recent Ukrainian military video, they’ve mentioned the presence on the front line of a WW2 Russian maxim gun. They then claim this mystery – call a friend Ukrainian soldier told them about how the US soldiers wanted to fire it (as you do).

It’s all pitiful stuff and other than a 2013 pic, as usual there’s zero evidence to back up the claims. The LPR is Russia’s puppet state in the so-called Luhansk people’s republic.

laugh 1
Fort Russ News are based in Serbia.   

laugh 2

laugh 42013 article using the pic.

The Feb 27th fake article on US soldiers. Picture is from Africa. 



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