Russia’s Desperate Disinformation against Ukraine’s Army

Putin’s clearly not paying his propaganda monkeys enough peanuts.
As a rule of thumb, when trying to push rubbish about the Ukrainian army, it’s not a good idea to use a 2014 picture showing Russia-led soldiers in Ukraine, especially ones photographed by Russian state media Sputnik.

Fort Russ News are a clown outfit based in Serbia. 
To catch the eye on social media and promote Russia’s propaganda emanating out of occupied eastern Ukraine, they use pics which imply a link to the Kremlin’s latest fake news. Today it’s another fabricated story about Ukrainian soldiers getting drunk and killing someone. Hence they needed an image suggesting drunk, slovenly soldiers.

On the plus side, at least this time they’ve used a pic from Ukraine and not one featuring soldiers in Africa, Afghanistan etc. Like all of Russia’s drink based fantasies, there’s not one scrap of verifiable evidence in the article to back up the claim. No genuine pictures. No independent media articles. No Ukrainian media articles. No social media posts. No video evidence. No nothing.

This type of disinformation works on a someone said something principle. Russia’s puppet republics in Ukraine first report something, then Russian state media and propaganda outlets chip in to promote the false narrative. As seen below, Fort Russ News article simple quotes a “spokesman” in the Donetsk People’s republic. With no evidence or facts to back up the story, misleading pictures are used to add substance.

fake new 3

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fake news
Fort Russ News Tweet.

fake news 1
Nov 2014 picture taken by Sputnik “journalist.” 

Below is my Google image search

fake new 2


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