Yesterday marked the first day of a new agreed ceasefire. Those of you following events in eastern Ukraine will know ceasefires come around with a frequency matching that of President Trump saying “we must build the wall.” Each one is broken and after about a week, the level of fighting usually reaches the levels seen before the ceasefire started.

The only bonus they bring, is a few days of relative calm for civilians to go about their daily lives with a reduced risk of getting killed and wounded.

Latest Ceasefire News.
Today Ukrainian military report a welcome reduction in Russian firing. Yesterday Russia’s forces opened up 3 times, inc firing their now obligatory mortars. No Ukrainian casualties reported. So far today, no reports of any firing.

Yesterday the OSCE reported on the start of the ceasefire.
They observed 400 ceasefire violations, inc 63 explosions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Ceasefire violations is firing from all weapons, including small arms fire.
OSCE report.

On Thursday, before the ceasefire kicked at midnight, Russia’s forces made a last effort to kill a few more Ukrainians. Launching 18 firing attacks, the highest number for some time, they wounded 5 Ukrainian soldiers.

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