So how’s the current ceasefire agreement going?
We’ve seen the standard welcome, but usual short term reduction in firing.

March 11th – Yesterday on the front line.
Ukrainian military report majority of front line quiet. Russian firing at Ukrainian positions around the town of Avdiivka, opposite the large occupied city of Donetsk.
Ukrainian army report.

The OSCE is still observing firing, but a reduction in volume.
March 9/10th in the Donetsk region, they recorded 50 explosions. In Luhansk, 11 explosions. They confirmed Ukrainian military report of Russian shelling near the Ukraine held town of Popasna on March 9th. OSCE report.

As seen below, OSCE report Russia’s forces continue to block and hinder their work.
When they get delayed at checkpoints, this means Russia’s forces are first hiding hardware like tanks and artillery before letting a patrol pass.

Ukrainian Casualties for Feb 25th to March 10th.
Russia’s forces launched 126 firing attacks.
3 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 16 wounded.

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