Russia’s First 2019 Fake News about a Ukrainian Offensive

Like death and taxes, one of life’s certainties is Russia’s unimaginative propaganda. Over the last few years and virtually every month in 2018, we’ve had a constant stream of reports saying Ukraine’s about to launch a “Massive Armageddon offensive.”

Unsurprisingly Ukraine’s never launched one. Despite Russia’s repeated claims of thousands of Ukrainian troops having moved up to small front line villages and towns which they usually name; along masses of tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and artillery supposedly parked up ready to attack, they’ve never once represented any credible evidence proving this.

What we get are old and unrelated images/film footage, or faked Ukrainian army campaign maps which they somehow magically acquired. What we don’t get are any genuinely related images, any film footage revealing these massive military build ups, any media reports, any civilian social media posts, or anything reported by the OSCE.

Which brings us to March 2019.
Here, one of Russia’s paid western propagandists Graham Phillips is once again helping spread the Kremlin’s fake offensive news. Banned from Twitter for posting hateful content against Ukraine and its people, this is Phillips Russian VK social media account.

Inside Donetsk is a propaganda outlet for Russia’s puppet Donetsk people’s republic (DPR) in occupied Ukraine. With nothing more telling that pictures from Russian positions in the front line town of Horlivka (Gorlovka) they claim DPR soldiers say “Kyiv is preparing a springboard for an offensive.

And with that I rest my case. 
Where is the springboard proof which these soldiers say they’ve seen?
The only thing which can be seen in the images, is a Ukrainian flag flying on top of an old coal mine slag heap. Maybe it’s a new one and Russia’s soldiers are now scared and wondering why it’s been changed?

offensive farce
Below are a couple of examples of last years fabricated offensive reporting.
Check out my Russia’s propaganda category for more examples. 

Sept 2018 offensive 2

Fake offensive

attack 1

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