Want to See Putin Riding a Horse Backwards?

On International Women’s Day on March 8th, Putin visited the Russian police horse riding team. In an effort to keep up the all action hero persona, he did a bit of riding.
It didn’t go well.

Like all insecure dictators, Putin’s obsessed with his image. This perception of him as a tough guy plays well in Russia, with many liking the idea of a strong leader at the helm. Because of this, Putin and Russian state media go to great lengths to cultivate an image of the president as a strong man able to handle any situation. We see staged ice hockey games where opposition players don’t tackle him and like the biblical parting of the waves, everyone gets out of the way to allow him to score goals. There’s endless judo matches where his opponent may as well be either a pillow or dead, as they offer little resistance and Putin wins every bout. And more topless pics than in your average porn mag (I’m guessing).

Back to horse riding (backwards).
Watch the highly edited Russian state media videos on YouTube and you’d be forgiven for thinking Putin has ridden before. But watch the videos of people who filmed the March 8th event and it’s obvious Putin doesn’t know one end of a horse from the other. Watching him bounce his corrupt little arse up and down in the saddle like a four year old on their first lesson, is proof enough that he’s never trotted and certainly never galloped anywhere on a horse. Poor horse.

But credit where credit is due. There is one thing we can say about his horsey prowess. Like a metaphor for what he’s done to Russia, he sure knows how to go backwards on horse. The Below video is my compilation of some of the funniest moment, to which I added the classic Benny Hill closing theme tune. Love how he needs a stool to even get on the horse.

The below staged image is how Putin wants Russians and the world to see. Him topless, sitting on a small, docile walking pony, with a backdrop of rugged mountains.


Below is the Russian reality. An old man who hasn’t got a clue how to ride a horse.
It took me ages to find the red rocking horse.

putin 7

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