Ukrainian Women Sing to Drown Out Explosions

A good BBC video report on a group of inspirational Ukrainian ladies who have reformed their choir. Overlooked by long abandoned mine slag heaps and surrounded by an abundance of woodland, the women live in the sprawling village of Zolote. Located on the front line in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province), it has recently been shelled by Russia’s forces.

For the elderly who make up the bulk of those left living along the front line, loneliness, helplessness and a sense of foreboding are all too common Psychological pressures. The reforming of the choir has brought much needed companionship and a feeling of once again belonging to a community.

They women have renamed their choir – The Golden Hope.   
We wish them all well. Video is from March 12th.

Zolote map 2

Zolote via Google Earth.

Zolote map

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