Front Line News & Russia’s No Proof Propaganda

Last night appears to have  been quiet. 
This morning the Ukrainian military report lists only 2 firing attacks yesterday by Russia’s forces. As I reported last night, these were directed at Ukrainian positions defending the town of Avdiivka and village of Marinka; both opposite the occupied city of Donetsk. Anti-tank rockets, small arms and sniper fire used, but at least no mortar fire recorded. Unfortunately two Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded.

As you might expect, the Ukrainian army does return fire. Light arms fire is usually ignored, but heavier fire will be suppressed, with any firing positions targeted. It’s a circle of shells. Provocation fire prompts return fire, which prompts retaliation fire and so on.

Yawn: Russia’s no proof Propaganda.
Love how Russia’s lame propaganda CAN manage to film a random Russia-led soldier claiming he’s “repeatedly watched” so-called Ukraine right sector shelling Ukrainian army positions, prompting them to mistakenly fire at Russian positions. But they CAN’T ever manage to film or provide any proof of this often repeated shelling.

The Kremlin and its rent a propagandists like Graham Phillips keep spouting out and promoting this same old tired dribble.

random soldier 1

And the claim that the “Right Sector” are banned in Russia is of equal amusement. Maybe no one thought to inform the many far-right groups in Russia about the ban. And that’s why they keep openly demonstrating and parading through Russian cities during big events such as National Unity Day?

Far-right Russian nationalists in St. Petersburg. 

Nazi saluting, far-right nationalists in Moscow. 


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