Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Supports Russia’s Mercenaries in Ukraine

Nothing says Putin’s occupying eastern Ukraine like senior Russian officials hanging out with its Russia-led soldiers who boast about killing Ukrainians.

On March 7th 2019: Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson, Maria Zakharova gave her usual Moscow press briefing. Attending the event and seen asking a question in the official MFA video, was a Serbian mercenary called Deyan Berich.
Afterwards in other Russian media videos, the two can be seen (above) happily posing for photos.

Berich is (was?) a sniper operating with Russia’s forces in the sham Donetsk People’s republic. As early as July 2014, he can be seen fighting in eastern Ukraine. Recently married in Donetsk, he now appears reluctant to fight on the front line. So, having become a minor Russian celebrity due videos and articles on him and his claims of having killed numerous Ukrainian soldiers, Russia’s turned to using him as a “journalist.”

In an effort to give Berich some exposure, this whole event will have been staged. To attract an audience from whichever country they’re from, the Kremlin attempts to make best use of its foreign, useful idiots. Although some who linger too long in Ukraine, have a nasty habit of ending up dead.

Serbia 1

Berich with his sniper rifle fighting in Ukraine.



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