Having been a tad negative today, I’ve just opened a can of lager and now trying to be positive. With that in mind, here’s some good news. For yesterday fighting, or more accurately yesterdays firing, the OSCE observed a reduction in shelling.

In the Donetsk Oblast (province) they recorded 72 explosions, down from 90 on Wednesday. In Luhansk they witnessed 180, but say bulk of explosions due to Russia’s forces undergoing live firing training around Shymshynivka. Russia has 2 large military bases in that area, each with extensive live firing facilities.

Explosions referenced here will be mostly mortar fire & use of grenade launchers. In addition, heavy and light machine guns are still being fired.

Ukrainian military reports no casualties sustained, with Russia’s forces averaging around 4 firing attacks a day over the last 2 days.

OSCE new
As detailed below, yesterday’s OSCE report for Wednesday listed 3 Russian mortars seen on the front line. One even had 40 cases of ammo piled up next to it, which presumably came from the magic “separatist” mortar shell tree and not Russia.

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