How Russia Hides its Hardware on Ukraine’s Front Line

Hiding big chunks of metal is not easy. Hiding big chunks of metal from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is even harder.

In eastern Ukraine dug in along the 457km front line, Russia’s forces and no doubt the Ukrainian army have positioned a good deal of military hardware. In the main this comprises armoured fighting vehicles, such as those in the below images. As per the Minsk 2 agreement, heavy weapons, such as tanks and heavy artillery is not meant to be located within 50km of the front line.

The below Feb 2019 video reveals several Russian tanks on the front line and the Ukrainian response (complete with jaunty music) to them. The UAV footage beautifully illustrates the near impossible task of hiding them in woods during the winter months.

Image from the video showing 3 Russian tanks.

Posted on Russian social media, the recent images seen below show Russian armoured fighting vehicles on the front line. In an effort to conceal them and screen infantry positions, they’ve used green plastic netting. Branches, scrub and other items are then added to the camouflage masquerade. As the above video showed us, it’s often the camouflage screening placed above the vehicles which gives away their location. For infantry trenches and bunkers, screening is used to deter sniper fire.







Written by Glasnost Gone

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