Latest OSCE Conflict Report for Ukraine is Out

Today the OSCE in Ukraine have published their fortnightly Status report.
As you might expect, it’s not filled with too much good news.

Feb 25th to March 10th.
15,700 ceasefire violations (firing).
This is a reduction from the previous 2 weeks, which saw over 23,000 violations.

90 weapons violations.

This is heavy weapons such as tanks and heavy artillery positioned within 50km to 70km of the front line, often referred to as the contact line. Majority of this heavier weaponry was seen in Russian occupied territory.

5 civilians casualties.

2019 Total of civilian casualties – 2 killed and 12 wounded.
50% of the 2019 injuries, inc the 2 dead were caused by mines.
Feb 23rd: Seen below, the 2 civilian fatalities and 1 wounded were caused by a minibus driving over a mine at a front line Russian checkpoint, near occupied Donetsk city.


The OSCE report.
It can be downloaded from here.


Note about Russian occupied Ukraine.
We see from the daily OSCE reports (see below) that medical staff and hospitals have been ordered not to share information. When asked about civilian causalities, medical staff instruct OSCE monitors to put their questions to either the governing administrations or military command.

This means it’s extremely hard to gauge the validity of civilian casualties within occupied Ukraine. Russian propaganda at times loudly trumpets OSCE confirmation of their reports and we see corresponding imagery and videos. Other times, there’s no OSCE confirmation or credible collaborating evidence. This suggests some alleged fatalities and injuries have been fabricated by Russia for propaganda purposes.

2018: Example of Russia’s reluctance to share casualty information with the OSCE.


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