Canada to Continue its Military Training Mission in Ukraine

Some good news.
Through Operation UNIFIER, the Canadian Armed Forces have extended their military training programme until March 2022. This important works helps build assistance to Ukraine’s defence and security forces. Canadian statement of training extension.


As you can imagine, Russia’s propaganda never stops banging on about the existence of foreign troops in Ukraine. Not a week goes by without them falsely claiming their either fighting on the front line or somehow involved in attacks on Russia’s puppet republics. As seen below and typically using an unrelated pic, last year we even had them saying UK Special Forces were going to “abduct” people from occupied Ukraine.
No one was abducted, either by the UK or as far as we know by aliens from Mars. 

The training involving a small team of Canadian soldiers does nothing more dramatic that assisting Ukraine in making its army more professional and enabling it to make best use of its military resources. Examples of training include, engineer and vital demining sapper work, including dealing with unexploded ordnance. Since 2015, some 10,800 Ukrainian soldiers have benefited from such training, via 284 courses. Check out Canada’s UNIFIER website for more info.

fake SAS 1

Operation UNIFIER.
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