It’s been a bloody few days on the front line.
Although the level of Russia’s firing attacks are no greater than usual, the death toll is increasing. Over the last two days, 2 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 2 wounded. The March 18th situation report indicates majority of the current heavy shelling is centered in the Luhansk region (blue area), with the casualties said to have been sustained there. Ukrainian military reports.


As I’ve said time and again. The nature of the fighting is a deadly game of tit-for-tat warfare. Russia’s forces open up hoping to provoke return fire. And should the fire be heavy enough, Ukrainian forces duly respond with suppressing fire. Videos this year show Ukraine’s army is getting very adept at suppressing fire, with numerous enemy firing positions hit. In particular, Russian positions opposite the Ukraine held town of Avdiivka have taken a hard pounding. With the reporting of an upsurge in Russia’s forces using anti-tank rockets, it’s obvious they are trying to retaliate and knock out Ukrainian positions. And so it goes on…

First pic – From a video posted over the weekend, to rebuild and strengthen their positions opposite Avdiivka, Russia’s forces have felled a good many trees. Image shows a soldier in a new wooden bunker. To hold the logs in place they’ve used metal clamps hammered into the trees.

Second pic shows freshly cut trees stored under the dual carriageway road. Most of Russia’s firing positions opposite Avdiivka are located either along the top, or under this now disused main road leading into occupied Donetsk city.

Third pic – Russia’s forces snow filled trenches. Spring may have sprung, but it’s still freezing on the front line.

Avdiivka 1

Avdiivka 3

Avdiivka 4

Video from March 6th: Digging in along the aforementioned road has become a casualty of the advances in modern day warfare. Raised up on the road embankment, the video graphically illustrates how Russia’s military positions are easy prey for the newer and extremely accurate Ukrainian anti-tank guided missiles.

Yellow line marks the road and Russian positions along it.


Written by Glasnost Gone

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