Morning all.
Here’s the latest news from the front line.
Russia’s forces are keeping up the daily grind with an increase in firing yesterday.

Tuesday – Along with the usual heavy/light arms and grenade launchers, they fired off some 39 shells using 120mm and 82mm mortars. In addition there’s a steady increase in the use of anti-tank rockets, with these used to better target Ukrainian bunkers.
Total of 7 firing attacks, which led to the wounding of three Ukrainian soldiers.

Wednesday – Saw 74 mortar shells fired, which is almost double the number from Tuesday. A total of 11 attacks launched by occupation troops, inc the use of an armoured fighting vehicle. This firing lead to the wounding of a further 3 Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine reports they hit an enemy ammo dump and destroyed and vehicle.

Link to reports on Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website.

As I’ve said often enough. None of the firing serves any meaningful military purpose. It’s carried out to provoke Ukrainian return fire, which they hope will hit civilians or their homes. Any subsequent civilian casualties or damage is then used by Russia’s propaganda to claim Ukraine deliberately targets civilians. It’s also a safe bet that this daily firing is due to Russia needing to give its 30,000 odd soldiers something to do. Controlling a predominantly ragtag, rabble mercenary force, having them sit around in trenches doing nothing month after month is a financial luxury the Kremlin can ill-afford. Mercenary grunts need combat experience. Combat experience helps mold them into a more cohesive fighting force and importantly counters the risk of low morale. Hence the daily firing goes on and on…

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.