Russia’s Propagandists Hide their Russian Social Media Accounts

A short insight into how Russia’s propagandists hide their obvious support for Russia, along with their slavish devotion to spreading disinformation about Ukraine.

Many of you following the events in eastern Ukraine will be familiar with Russia’s propaganda poodle Graham Phillips. He’s spent much of the last 5 years illegally entering Ukraine via Russia and living in the Russian occupied part of the country. He’s previously admitted to working for Kremlin state media – Russia Today and his “work” has routinely featured in Russian state media and even been promoted by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs.

With his prodigious travelling across Europe, combined with long stays in Russia and eastern Ukraine, it’s a certainty Phillips is still paid by Russia. That certainty is compounded by the lack of any verifiable proof that his work is genuinely “crowd-funded.” In 2017, his last 2 Indiegogo campaigns only managed to raise a measly £1,016 and he’s not bothered to run any crowd-funding campaigns since 2017.

Phillips (left) illegal in Ukraine with fellow Russian propagandists Patrick Lancaster (wearing helmet) and two of Russia’s forces snipers. Note Phillips is wearing military uniform.

This lack of funding is however no hindrance to Phillips “work.”
A cursory look at his YouTube channel shows in 2018/19 alone, he lived and traveled all around Russia for the best part of a year and during that time also stayed in –
Eastern Ukraine (Despite being banned for life).
South Ossetia in Georgia.
Kosovo (On March 15th he reported he’s been banned for life from the country).
UK – Traveled extensively around the country including visiting Salisbury – re Skripal attack. And not forgetting he still manages every year to presumably pay thousands of pounds towards the rent/mortgage and council tax for his flat here London.

Since 2015 he’s launched 8 Indiegogo campaigns. These raised £8,648, with £2,384 allegedly used to pay for the making of a gravestone for a Russia-led soldier killed in Ukraine (see header pic) and funds for producing a film about him. Maybe the UK Tax man should take a closer look at his tax returns?

But I digress. Back to hiding stuff.
In Nov last year Phillips was banned from Twitter. No prizes for guessing it was due to posting “hateful content” against Ukraine. This was a big blow to his narcissist ego and his ability to big up Russia and spread instant disinformation about Ukraine.


Adding to his woes, last year his main Face Book account was also deleted for likewise breaking the rules on the promotion of hatred. Set up in Nov 2018, he now uses the below page. Created when his main page was still live, as Phillips explains, it was only intended to be an additional page used to promote his videos. It’s now his main page.

Face Book 1

Meanwhile over on YouTube.
In Feb of this year Phillips deleted the link to his Russian social VK media account. In March he went further, deleting the VK link from his new Instagram account. Why with 40,000 “followers” is he suddenly seeking to stop a wider audience knowing he has a Russian social media account?

March 11th: On VK Phillips sharing obvious disinformation about the Ukrainian army firing on each other. Read my post on the above fake news and Graham Phillips links to neo-Nazi’s.

One can only assume Phillips has decided, or been ordered to screen his blatant support for Russia. That and his daily sharing of propaganda churned out by Russia’s puppet Donetsk and Luhansk republics in occupied Ukraine. His VK account is used to promote his “work,” show support for Russia and share disinformation about Ukraine, its army, western countries and NATO etc. In addition to deleting the link, he suddenly felt the need to add one for his unused Indiegogo campaigns page. This is another good indication he’s increasing his efforts to fool people into thinking he’s a genuine “crowdfunded journalist” and not another of Russia’s attention seeking, useful idiots.

Phillips 1

Above – Phillips YouTube Channel About page. And below he’s seen celebrating in military uniform with Russia’s mercenary forces in Ukraine (black hat with camera in middle front row).   



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