Front Line News – Detailed Report & Images of Shelling Damage

Using the Ukrainian military report, Today here’s a more detailed appreciation of daily grind of defending the front line. Worth remembering that the Ukrainian army has the unenviable task of defending a 457km front line, and operating several front line checkpoints. Checkpoints which can see around 40,000 people and 5,000 vehicles passing through them every single day.

Detail taken from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website.

Compared to the previous day, on March 24, Ukrainian military report the situation did not change significantly. During the day, the enemy fired three times and used weapons forbidden by the Minsk agreements four times. As well as use of heavy/light machine guns, grenade launchers and some firing from armoured fighting vehicles, Russia’s forces fired off 38 mortar shells of 120mm and 82mm.

The Luhansk region is still suffering some of the worst of the fighting, with several villages and positions defending them hit. Header picture and those below show the village of Komyshuvakha. March 22nd it was struck by Russian mortar fire, with three houses hit. Pictures taken on the 23rd are via Proliska Humanitarian agency who provided assistance to people from the damaged houses.



Yesterday, there were no losses reported among Ukrainian troops. Typically the Ukrainian military say “None of the enemy’s shelling was left without an adequate response from the Allied forces. According to their intelligence, “two occupiers were destroyed and one injured.”

For Monday, Russia’s forces have already opened fire on Ukrainian positions two times. Russia’s forces used heavy machine guns, sniper fire and small arms. As a result of this fire, two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.

Shortly after midnight, Russian-occupying troops launched a sabotage and reconnaissance group towards Ukrainian held Svetlodarsk (Donetsk region). The enemy were “noticed by the senior officer of the mechanized division, Junior Sergeant Alexei Yaroshenko, who was manning the observing post. Having told the commander about the detection of the enemy, the soldier opened fire on saboteurs.”

“Realizing that his plans were exposed, the enemy retreated, covering the retreat using sniper fire. One of the snipers bullets wounded our defender. Soldier Oleksiy was timely provided with medical assistance and sent to the hospital. There are currently no threats to his life.”

Almost simultaneously, about 1.20am in Luhansk, Russia’s forces began firing at a platoon support point. This fire was suppressed by Ukraine return fire. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded. “The medical officer of the unit provided the soldier with urgent medical assistance and helped with his evacuation to a medical facility. The health condition of the soldier “does not cause concern. For courage and loyalty to military service, both servicemen will be rewarded. Our units adequately responded to the enemy’s shelling. The fire destroyed one and wounded two invaders.”

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