Yesterday Russia’s forces seem to have woken up and been given permission to open up. Largest increase in their firing attacks for some time. Total of 23 launched, 6 using heavy weapons, such as mortars. Miraculously, only 1 Ukrainian soldier was reported wounded.

On the front line, the daily grind of each side trying to knock out bunkers and firing positions continues unabated. Russia’s forces are increasing their use of anti-tank rockets, these being the more accurate means of hitting such exposed positions. If the videos such as the one below are anything to go by, Ukrainian forces over recent weeks have scored some notable successes in knocking out and hitting Russian positions. Now this can’t be helping the morale of Russia’s predominately mercenary forces in Ukraine. Grunts and the unemployable they maybe, but for many, dying for the motherland in Ukraine is not what they signed up for.

This lowering of morale must also be effected by Russia’s propaganda against Ukraine. Despite all the evidence, be it from the OSCE daily reports, various media, humanitarian organisations and the Ukrainian military, we know Russia’s forces are shelling and firing upon Ukrainian territory every single day. Yet Russia, presumably in an effort to show Ukraine as the aggressor, appears to have banned the posting of videos like the one seen below. In 2017/18, such videos from their side were routinely seen on YouTube.

Luhansk region: UAV video footage shows Ukrainian mortars hitting a new Russian position. Fresh trenches can be seen dug in the snow, with soldiers seen carrying wood (below yellow square) to built a bunker and probable forward, firing position.


With shells dropping, soldiers can be seen running and at one point two men carry either a dead or wounded soldier from a building. I’ve not checked the exact location of the village, so unclear if Russia’s forces are again cynically using houses in a inhabited village as a military position. The fact the houses have roofs on might suggest they are.
Certainly the houses hit by the accurate Ukrainian fire are in use by the military, as trenches lead into them on both sides. The video shows how easy it is for civilians to be effected and injured because of Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine. No Russian forces in Ukrainian villages = no shelling of anything by anyone.

Russia’s Forces Casualties.
Yesterday’s OSCE weekly report (below) from the border, listed 4 ambulances seen on just one day entering/exiting Russia from Ukraine. Despite the “children intensive careThese are almost certainly carrying wounded Russian soldiers/mercenaries. From the Russian side, Russia only allows the OSCE to 24/7 monitor two of the many Ukrainian border crossings which Russia has total control over. These are in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, at the Russian towns of Donetsk and Gukovo. This means the vast bulk of ambulances and vehicles carrying wounded or dead Russian soldiers (cargo 200) from Ukraine into Russia, will cross the border unseen.
Border OSCE

Ukrainian Losses: March 11th – 24th.
Russia’s forces launched 68 firing attacks, killing 5 and wounding 11 Ukrainian soldiers.
Below is the Ukraine military, weekly update.
In English, it covers the events over the last week from March 18th – 24th.

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