Russia’s Forces Chain Saws from the Motherland

Things are still fairly hot on front line.
On Wednesday Russia’s forces fired less than on Tuesday, but they’re increasing their use of heavy weapons. Launched a total of 13 firing attacks, with 10 of them using heavy weapons, including the use of heavy artillery in the Luhansk region. No Ukrainian casualties reported.

I’ve just checked Ukraine’s 6pm report and they state Russia’s holidaying army, have opened up 4 times today, but so far no Ukrainian military injured.

Meanwhile in occupied Ukraine, that eBay delivery has finally arrived.
A March 22nd video from occupied Luhansk Oblast (province) featured a truck load of goodies from Russia being unloaded. These included generators, chain saws and spades. And there was me thinking those Pesky Ukrainian “separatists” miners Russia keeps telling us about would have their own spades? But evidently not.

Little and large show 3

Little and large show 1

With the bulk of Russia’s forces in Ukraine made up of mercenaries, they accordingly come in all shapes and extra large sizes. With few jobs in occupied Ukraine and with families to feed and rents to pay, many are Ukrainians, along with large numbers from Russia. Regular Russian army personnel have total command over all military units and it’s reported there’re several thousand Russian troops, including Special Forces operating in Ukraine.

Featuring small numbers of soldiers, these propaganda videos are staged in an effort to show Russia’s puppet republics have a well equipped and professional looking army. Their uniforms, weapons, ammunition, wages and probably the razors they used to shave, all come from Russia.

Little and large show 2



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