Russia’s Propaganda uses 2011 Africa Picture

Well, a picture from 6,000 km away in Africa makes a refreshing change.

With Russia carrying on its unrelenting propaganda campaign against Ukraine’s army, yesterday saw a pro-Russian Twitter account using a 2011 picture from Africa, and more specifically the Ivory Coast. The account is helping push Russia’s puppet, Luhansk people’s republic daily disinformation.

As is usual, we’ve got a made up story and typically one devoid of any evidence to back it up. This one claims a Ukrainian armoured fighting vehicle (BMP) was blown up by a mine. The important propaganda line being the false claim it was blown up by a Ukrainian mine and several soldiers died in the explosion.

This is another tired attempt to discredit the Ukrainian army and help push the line that its dysfunctional. The use of unrelated, eye-catching pictures is a major part of the Kremlin’s fake news on social media. The more eye-catching a picture is, the more chances of re-tweets, shares and views.

I’m guessing @130mki is too dumb to know it’s still snowing in eastern Ukraine? So posting a picture with lush green vegetation is not the cleverest of propaganda things to have done.

Africa 2

Africa 1
Reuters 2011 article.

Africa 3
My Google search for the below image.


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