Now call me cynical, but with voting in Ukraine’s presidential elections tomorrow, it appears the Kremlin’s trying to hinder voting on the front line. As the soldier in the below video points out, the recent upsurge in fighting means it’s harder for soldiers to leave their front line positions and vote. For civilians, the increased Russian shelling means getting out and about the front line, is more lethal than usual.

Front line news.
Yesterday saw a heavy night of shelling by Russia’s forces. The bloody result being 1 Ukrainian soldier killed & 4 others wounded. Occupation troops launched a total of 19 firing attacks, with 16 of them using heavy weapons. Both Donetsk and Luhansk regions suffered mortar fire. Ukrainian military report.

March 29th: Seen below, Ukrainian soldier and father of two children, Dmytro Kostenyuk was killed by Russia’s forces. D25e_2lWwAAZMA6

Meanwhile on Twitter.
Today, this pro-Russian account posted a video supposedly showing a Russia’s forces sniper shooting at Ukrainian soldiers. One assumes, the reference to “creativity” is the jaunty music which accompanies the video. The LNR means Russia’s puppet, Luhansk people’s republic.

sniper 1

Russia’s Forces shell bridge.
On the theme of Russia wanting to hinder voting on the front line, yesterday the main bridge from the front line village of Zolote to the town of Hirske was shelled. Despite the presence of civilian houses near it, several mortar shells landed, with one hitting the bridges southern end. With no military positions around it and despite the risks of hitting civilian houses or vehicles using it, this looks to have been a clear attempt to damage the bridge and stop vehicles from using it.

One of the below pictures shows OSCE monitors on the bridge, so we should see this shelling mentioned either in their report later today or Monday.
Bridge coordinates 48 43 27.05 N 38 29 52.82 E.

bridge 1

Looking north towards Hirske, several mortar shells hit the southern end of the bridge.

Closer look at shell damage to the southern end of the bridge.

OSCE monitors checking out the shelling.

Vehicles are still able to use the bridge.

Mortar crater, which just missed the road.

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