Russia’s Forces in Ukraine & their Electronic Warfare Systems

Never fails to amaze me (not really) how Ukraine’s so-called tractor driving, mine digging civilian “separatists” have managed to become one of the best equipped armies in Europe. It’s almost like a bordering country is supplying all the weapons.

Yesterday’s OSCE daily report listed.
March 28th: Two 9K33 Osa surface-to-air missile systems on the outskirts of occupied Luhansk city. One wonders why Russia’s forces need to position them near an unused airstrip, well away from the front line. Ammo deliveries via plane?


Example picture of a Russian 9K33 Osa surface-to-air missile system. 

March 27th: R-330Zh Zhitel, automatic jamming system and an additional undetermined electronic countermeasure/electronic warfare system, seen near town of Brianka (Bryanka).

With both sides increasing their use of UAVs to observe and aid accurate bombardment of enemy positions, the corresponding increase in UAV & radio/weapon jamming and tracking systems is unsurprising. These regular OSCE sightings suggests Russia’s sent more into eastern Ukraine. Either that or their just rubbish at hiding them. Certainly the jamming and shooting at OSCE UAV has become a routine event. Town of Bryanaka is located near the front line in the Luhansk Oblast (province).


Example picture of Russian R-330Zh Zhitel system.

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