Food Shortages in Russian Occupied Ukraine

Some snippets of news from inside occupied Ukraine.
“Inside Donetsk” promote the official news for Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic (DPR). These posts are from their Russian social media VK account, with the news taken from the official DPR website.

Export sale of grain banned.
Despite Russia’s recent propaganda efforts claiming there’s no issues with food supplies, the below post referencing a ban on sales of wheat and barley grain indicates there are genuine “food security” concerns. As indicated, the ban relates to the bulk sale of grain by farms to businesses in countries outside the DPR. Safe to say farmers will be none too happy, as their unlikely to get the best price when selling to Russia’s republics.


Perhaps giving us a reason for the DPR actions, media reports in March (below) showed pictures of a large Amstor supermarket in Donetsk with empty shelves. Unclear if the two stories are linked, but with grain exports suddenly banned, there’s a good chance they are. The loss of larger supermarkets which traditionally offer cheaper prices, means people relying on smaller shops where food stuffs are often more expensive. One can only imagine the bureaucratic nightmares and problems for large supermarkets operating inside occupied Ukraine.

Store 1

There’s always something amusing about Russia’s republics claiming to be fighting corruption. The irony being that corruption and theft on a industrial scale is said to be rife in occupied Ukraine. As we often see in Russia, it seems from time to time, examples need to be made of some unfortunate official.


Keeping the humour going. People have to register their guns by June 30th. Considering the vast bulk of them will be Russian guns and ammunition sent into eastern Ukraine by Russia, this post is worth a chuckle.


Military losses.
Lastly, the DPR reports 4 soldiers killed and 1 wounded for last week. With the current high level of fighting, the figure looks suspiciously low, especially for wounded.


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