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Unusually calm yesterday.
Must have been a clean your weapon day for Russia’s forces.
Ukraine’s military report only heavy and light machine gun firing directed at defences around the city of Mariupol (on the south coast). No losses reported.

The daily military briefing lists one firing attack today and an attempt by infantry to advance towards Ukrainian positions defending the village of Krymske – Luhansk region. Attempts to capture advanced positions are regular events, with most, if not all resulting in failure and a hasty flight back to their lines. One assumes with the lull in fighting yesterday, Russia’s forces thought they would catch Ukrainian soldiers napping. One Ukrainian soldier is said to have been wounded whilst this latest opportunist foray was repulsed.

Saturday was more typical of events on the front line.
The Luhansk region bore the brunt of the Russia’s shelling. Six firing attacks launched. Mortar shells struck the hot spot village of Zolote and outlying hamlets, along with Novotoshkivske village, located a little further to the north/east. This shelling totally destroyed one house and damaged several others. Power line also reported damaged.

More more info on the below screen grab images, please visit the Ukrainian military Face Book page to watch the video.

House hit 2
Pensioner Alexander with his destroyed house behind him.

House hit 5
Alexander’s house.

House hit 4
Women stands next to shell crater.

House hit 3
Damaged fencing.

Outbuilding in a garden destroyed.

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