Me and Ukraine.
Despite all appearances to the contrary, I’m not Ukrainian (so what the fuck do I know) and accordingly don’t get involved in Ukraine’s politics. But… as long as the next president carries on the work of supporting the men & women laying down their lives fighting Russia’s forces & importantly increases support for civilians and communities in eastern Ukraine, that’s cool by me.

That said, here’s the results.
Despite the Politico Europe Tweet below, Ukraine didn’t elect a woman president.
Me thinks there are too many elections going on around the globe.

Actual results for the first round of presidential elections. 
Excellent turn out of 63.53%, which is reassuring to see.
Overall result was pretty much as expected. Volodymyr Zelenskiy took first place with an impressive 30.4%. His popularity comes from him being a new kid on the block, with younger voters seeing him as a fresh political face. The current presidential incumbent Petro Poroshenko came second with 16.13% and Yulia Tymoshenko third with 13.20%.

BBC video on Zelenskiy.

With the top two going through, a second round of voting will take place on April 21st between Zelenskiy and Poroshenko. Over the next 3 weeks we’ll now see some hard campaigning, with Zelenskiy expected to challenged on his political aims, not least on what he’d do about Russia occupying the east of the country & Crimea.

Image from BBC article on the elections.

No prizes for guessing Russia and its propagandists like Graham Phillips were all frantically trying to dismiss the elections. Note this post was from March 27th, before any voting took place on March 31st. With no leading pro-Russian politician, it was satisfying to see Russia flailing around and forced to resort to such cliche “corruption” accusations.

Unlike in Russia, there were large numbers of foreign observers from numerous countries keeping a democratic eye on the voting. Some issues reported, but overall the whole process was considered to have been carried out efficiently.


Blessed with a sunny day yesterday, Ukrainian soldiers holding the front line traveled to tented polling stations.

Vote 1

Front line voting 1

Front line voting 2

Front line voting 3

Front line voting 4

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  1. The turnout is similar to the UK

    I just find it sad that after all the problems Ukraine 🇺🇦 has had and the threats it faces that more people didn’t vote

    What’s that old expression “ use it or lose it “


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