Russia’s Forces Kill 2 Ukrainian Soldiers & More Russian Fake News

Russia’s forces have woken up from their firing lull on Sunday.
Today’s Ukrainian military report lists 18 firing attacks launched on Monday; five of them using heavy weapons such as mortars. As a consequence, another three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. This heavy exchange of fire, including increasing use of ant-tank rockets, saw one Russian armoured fighting vehicle destroyed.

I’ve just checked the 6pm military update.
Regrettably, Russia’s forces have today killed a further 2 Ukrainian soldiers & wounded 2 others. So far on Tuesday, they’ve opened up 10 times, with the use of artillery and mortars. Both Donetsk & Luhansk regions hit.

Video filmed today on the front line.

Russia’s April Fools continues into Tuesday.
Below is another taste of the ridiculous rubbish spread by Russia. It’s a virtual carbon copy of the same fake news pumped out last last year, which claimed – Ukraine’s intending to blow things up and blame Russia’s republics. This ones all the more amusing as it says people are ringing their “hotline” (as you do) and happily pouring out a long stream of information. This long phone call supposedly included details of how explosives had been planted in the city of Mariupol’s rail station and larger shopping centres by Ukraine’s Special Forces.

We seek proof here, we seek proof there…
Not one of these far-fetched claims has ever taken place and not one scrap of genuine evidence has EVER been presented to prove they have. This asinine propaganda is made to look all the more feeble, due to Russia killing Ukrainian soldiers every week. So Ukraine or its army sure doesn’t need to “rehearse” any “provocations” to make it hit back at Russia’s forces in Ukraine.

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