Russia’s Forces Kill 7 Ukrainian Soldiers

April has been a bloody month.
With another soldier reported killed yesterday, this takes the disheartening fatalities total to 7 dead this month. With the continued heightened use of mortars and increasingly accurate anti-tank rockets, the upsurge in casualty figures is to be expected. Regrettably, this on-going, brutal attritional war shows little sign of abating. Russia’s forces fire at Ukrainian positions and then Ukraine’s forces hit back. Caught in the middle, the corresponding damage to houses and civilian casualties is also on the up.

Seen in the header picture and below, one of the soldiers killed last week was mother of two Yana Chervona. Both she and fellow soldier Serhiy Miliutyn died when a Russian shell hit their position.


Video from the front line giving some background on Yana and Serhiy.
In the video you can hear her children on the phone asking when will she be coming back home.

March 25th to April 7th: Graphic below outlines the casualty figures.
Six soldiers killed and 18 wounded, with Russia’s forces launching 165 firing attacks.


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