Russia’s Propaganda & Fake Brick Manufacturing

One can’t help but wonder just how bad things are in occupied Ukraine, when they’re reduced to pinching brick pics from the internet?

Cue another tale of Russia’s disinformation efforts to project an image of its two republics in Ukraine as flourishing, industrial enterprises. Yesterday on Russian social media, “Inside Donetsk,” who post the official news from the so-called Donetsk people’s republic (DPR), posted the below news and image.

They claim the DPR is now manufacturing “cinder blocks.” If true, it’s far from any great industrial feat, which only begs the question, why they felt the need to use a unrelated pic to illustrate this humble achievement? To answer my own question, the reason lies in views, shares and likes on social media. Note the image has been viewed 912 times, shared 3 times and liked 35. So, a good many people were taken in by this misleading post.

Russian Reality.
The picture is from at least 2016 and features in an Russian article on “Making a cinder block with your own hands. “Inside Donetsk” have simply cropped the image, cutting out the article logo seen on the bottom right hand side.

bricks 1

Below 2 images from the article. I’ve used Google Chrome to translate the page.

bricks 3

bricks 2
My Google Image Search. 

bricks 4

As I’ve already hinted at, this manufacturing fakery is nothing new. Last year the DPR trumpeted the manufacture of a bus and also as seen below, a tram. However they both turned out to have been made in Russia. For the tram they simply assembled the pre-made parts and sprayed “I’m Donetsk Made” on the side of it. Read my article on this.




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