Russia’s Republics in Ukraine & their Never Ending Ammo

Full marks for eBay delivering more ammo to those pesky, Ukrainian “separatist,” tractor driving miners. After 5 years of war and hundreds of millions of bullets and shells fired, if eBay, ain’t delivering the ammunition, it must be Russia. Or is it Amazon?

Jokes aside. Russia’s forces claim all their ammo (and weapons, uniforms, tanks etc.) was captured from the Ukrainian army. But this is clearly a ridiculous lie. Since early 2015, the front line has hardly moved, with the conflict having become a static, long distance firing war. During that time, both sides have expended vast sums of ammo every single week.

This endless access to ammo, is backed up by the official videos put out by Russia’s Donetsk and Luhansk republics in Ukraine. These alone show them every year firing off epic amounts of ammunition of all types during live firing training. Even in 2014/15 when the conflict was more fluid, the amount of captured Ukrainian material was of a very limited quantity, and hardly sufficient to keep 35,000 to 50,000 troops in bullets & shells for 5 years.

Images below show fresh ammo for light and heavy machine guns and rifle grenades.
“Inside Donetsk” post the official news from Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic in occupied Ukraine.

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