First of my news roundups, with this one having a military flavour.
Tomorrow I’ll post on humanitarian issues.
In no particular order…

Front Line News.
Pleased to say no Ukrainian military casualties reported on Tuesday, but not for want of trying by Russia’s forces. Tue they launched 13 firing attacks with a variety of weapons, inc mortars. Just to reiterate. Each firing attack can include heavy use of mortars, anti-tanks rocket launchers, grenade launchers, heavy/light machine guns and increasing use of firing from armoured fighting vehicles.

The 6pm Update Report.
Ukrainian military report 6 firing attacks launched so far, with 2 soldiers wounded.

Russian Army Electronic Warfare Systems in Ukraine.
March 16th: An OSCE UAV took an excellent image of several electronic warfare systems.
Two jamming systems can be seen along with a radio relay truck. Jamming systems will be used to down Ukrainian UAV and disrupt their military communications. Radio truck used for communications. The OSCE routinely reports on seeing such systems in occupied eastern Ukraine.

Located outside disused industrial buildings, near the village of Yuzhna Lumuvatka.  Google Earth Satellite images (see below) show Russia’s forces using the site since 2017. Military vehicles, which look like electronic warfare systems can be seen in the yellow boxes. Location – Luhansk Oblast (province). Coordinates: 48 25 5.10 N 38 30 39.32 E.


May 6th 2017 Google Earth image: Showing the building and military vehicles/tents.

Russia’s Forces Filmed Shooting at OSCE UAV.
March 20th, the OSCE posted the below footage. It shows Russia’s forces firing at one of their UAV. Video first shows an armoured vehicle hidden under camouflage. UAV then moves along the trench line, where upon a soldier opens fire towards it with a heavy machine gun. Under cover of darkness, the OSCE returned and filmed the area again. A soldier can be seen with the machine gun.

Location – Luhansk Oblast, near the village of Dovhe. The village overlooks the Siverskyi Donets River, with Ukraine held territory on other side. Coordinates: 48 38 34.29 N 39 2 4.73 E.

Russia’s forces located at Luhansk International Airport.
Over the last few days, the OSCE has reported seeing a good deal of Russian military hardware at the destroyed Luhansk airport. Located 10km from the city and well away from the front line and any military bases, this seemed suspicious. Even odder as seen below, Russian artillery totally obliterated the airport in 2014.


However, the reason for the military buildup has now been revealed. As seen below, Russia’s forces in the so-called Luhansk people’s republic are planning a “victory parade.” Using the runway, they’ve been busy practicing marching in neat straight lines. And to help them achieve this, they have drawn some white lines on it. Maybe the victory parade is to commemorate them them having utterly destroyed both the Luhansk and Donetsk International airports? Coordinates: 48 25 10.37 N 39 22 28.23 E.

Airport 1

Airport 2

Airport 3

The airport. Although every single building was flattened by Sept 2014, the runway remained largely intact. If memory serves me right, last year they tried to hold a parade in the old Luhansk city airport, on the edge of the city. But not entering into the parade spirit, the Ukrainian military spoilt things by dropping some shells on the rows of freshly painted tanks and vehicles. This probably explains why they’re practicing here and storing their tanks and hardware well out of harms way (they hope).




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