Here’s a roundup of the latest news.
I had promised to post some Humanitarian news, so I’ll try and post on that over the weekend.

Front Line News.
Heavy day of Russian shelling yesterday, with 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and 8 wounded.
Today’s OSCE report for Thursday lists 500 explosions in the Donetsk region and 260 in Luhansk region (that’s fire from both sides). Unless Russia orders its forces to ceasefire, this increased fighting will just keep on escalating.

Hit 3
Yesterday, Ukrainian forces tried to knock out the Russian armoured fighting vehicle (yellow box) which had been firing on their positions. Hit with mortar fire.

Russian Ship Ahoy.
Yesterday Estonia refused to allow the Russian sailing ship Sedov to enter its territorial waters. This due to there being cadets on board from the Marine Technological University, in Russian occupied Crimea. Today it’s reported that Poland has likewise banned the ship from entering its waters. Naturally the Kremlin’s not happy, and is busy throwing toy boats out of its pram.


Google Street View.
Get yourself on Google Earth, zoom down to ground level on the main roads and you can take a look around via Google Street view. From Oct 2011, we see the shiny new Mitsubishi car show room. Located on the main road leading to the Donetsk city International airport, it was flattened in 2014/15, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble in its place. The airport and surrounding area was destroyed during Russia’s forces desperate attempts to capture the airport.

Donetsk 5

Donetsk 6
The remains of the show room.

Latest OSCE fortnightly Report.
March 25th to April 7th.
1 civilian killed & 4 injured.
So far in 2019: 3 civilians killed & 17 injured.
14,700 ceasefire violations (Observed firing), down from 17,500 in prev 2 weeks.
Tragically, since Dec 2018, 18 mainly elderly people have died from mostly heart conditions whilst trying to cross the front line through official checkpoints.


Russia’s Fake Civilian Casualties.
Taken from the OSCE daily reports, below is yet more evidence of Russia’s puppet republics denying the OSCE info about civilian casualties. Hospitals and medical staff have been ordered not to answer any OSCE questions. But yet on social media and YouTube, Russia’s propaganda keeps reporting alleged civilian casualties due to Ukrainian shell fire. So, why would Russia’s republics not want to tell the OSCE about civilian casualties and have them publicly report on them? Because Russia’s republics are obviously faking their reporting of civilian casualties.


OSCE hospital

OSCE new 4
#FreeAzovSeaSailors News.
President Poroshenko and German Chancellor Merkel met today in Berlin. They’re looking to coordinate action on helping secure the release of the 24 Ukrainian seamen held by Russia. Travelling to the Azov Sea and passing occupied Crimea, their three naval boats were attacked and captured by Russia’s navy on Nov 25th last year. This in the supposedly neutral waters of the Black Sea, near the Kerch Strait.

Angela Merkel said “I once again demand the release of these sailors, as well as the free passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait.” Talking about Russia’s naval blockade of Ukrainian ports in the AzovSea, she added “Mariupol is an important city for the prosperity of Ukraine, it must be accessible to it.”

More on this via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence website. The #FreeAzovSeaSailors is my hashtag used to campaign for the men’s freedom. Feel free to use it on any related news.


How Russia Hides Its Hardware in Ukraine.
Russia’s established numerous large and small military bases in both its Donetsk and Luhansk puppet republics. Using satellite imagery, we can see there are large numbers of tanks, artillery and combat vehicles stationed out in the open at these bases. But that’s just a small fraction of the hardware Russia’s sent into Ukraine. As seen below, much of it is hidden in large industrial buildings. This week in the Luhansk republic, we see Russian army transport trucks leaving such a building.

hidden 1

hidden 2


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