Front Line News & Russia’s Flower Power Propaganda

Here’s today’s news roundup.
Next week I hope to post more detailed articles on a number of subjects.

Front line News.
Russia’s forces are keeping up their high level of attacks, but yesterday saw a reduction in their mortar fire. They launched 14 firing attacks at 9 Ukraine held areas, 4 of which used heavy weapons. On plus side, no Ukrainian military casualties are reported.

Video on life for civilians on the front line.

Incident at Ukrainian embassy in London.
Around 7am on Saturday, a man stopped his car outside the Ukrainian embassy in London. Blocking the road, he’s said to have started playing very loud music for around two hours. Residents asked the driver to turn the music down, but he’s reported as ignoring them. Police were called, who then blocked off the road. Car is reported to have then hit several vehicles, including the ambassadors. However, at least one resident says this may have been due to the driver wanting to turn his vehicle around, rather than a deliberate act. Police are said to have eventually opened fire on the car. Video footage shows armed officers surrounding the silver Mercedes and smashing the drivers side window to gain access. A taser was then used to restrain the driver. No one is reported injured during the incident.

Thus far the motives behind this event are unknown. Maybe linked to Russia’s sickening, Nazi propaganda, spread by the likes of propagandist Graham Phillips, or possibly a Ukrainian having a bad day, which got a whole lot worse? BBC article including video.


Russia’s Flower Power Propaganda.
This week has seen both Russia’s puppet republics in occupied Ukraine telling us life is good in their armies. True to form, this Russian propaganda goes well over the top, turning simple YouTube videos into fanciful farces. But some will fall for it.

With Ukraine currently in the process of a massive modernization project of rebuilding military barracks and vastly improving the nutritional quality of food served to its armed forces, it seems Russia felt the urge to get in on the act. In occupied Donetsk and Luhansk, soldiers are seen in nice clean uniforms, all with recently cut hair and all sitting eating at tables with fresh flowers and prettily arranged napkins.

This is all part of the Kremlin’s image propaganda. They’d like us to believe their republics military forces are both professional and modern. Typically they only show us two old requisitioned sites, with a few well made beds and a DIY cupboard for sotring equipment and uniforms. Me thinks the 35,000 odd Russia’s forces soldiers don’t all eat so well, or get fresh flowers and napkins everyday. As we’ve seen in the past, many of them didn’t even get flowers on their unmarked graves.

hidden 4

fake 3

fake 4

fake 2

fake 1

Somewhat spoiling the land of plenty videos, was the footage below detailing food preparation. At least some of it is carried out in dirty industrial buildings, with peeling roofs directly above open food containers. Despite the obvious unhygienic conditions, love how the men are all dressed in crisp, new white uniforms.


food 1

Wed April 17th is a #FreeAzovSeaSailors Campaign Day.
Next week a Moscow kangaroo court, (the Kremlin) will decide on whether to illegally extend the detention of the 24 Ukrainian sailors Russia attacked/captured on Nov 25th last year. Using the above hashtag, please join us in campaigning for the men and showing and telling the world they are not forgotten.


Where’s all the “Separatist” Ammo Coming from?
Well the obvious and truthful answer is Russia. And here’s some good evidence as to why we know this. The Kremlin’s republics claim they CAPTURE all their military equipment from the Ukrainian army. This includes the many thousands of military hardware/vehicles, including hundreds of tanks, the tens of thousands of weapons, uniforms and importantly all the ammunition they have fired during the last five years.

But… how could they have captured it?
Because as seen below, since early 2015, the front line has hardly moved, meaning there’s been little or no chance to capture anything. Even in 2014 and early 2015, the level of captured Ukrainian equipment amounted to small numbers of mostly damaged military vehicles and negligible quantities of ammo/equipment.

The facts are, for the last 4 years, the conflict has seen a largely static front line. Ukrainian forces have captured small amounts of territory, but the day to day conflict sees only long range firing from well established front line positions. And yet the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics have had a never-ending supply of ammo. And because of Russia, they’ll keep on having a never-ending supply for however long they exist.

April 8th 2015

Jan 8th 2016

Image above is from April 12th 2019.

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