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A little calmer on the Eastern Front.
Because of Ukraine’s presidential election, Russia’s forces in Ukraine were relatively quiet yesterday. Only launched 2 firing attacks, which still unfortunately wounded one Ukrainian soldier. While the Kremlin weighs up Ukraine’s new president elect Volodymyr Zelenskyy and works out a new propaganda strategy, we may see a short lull in fighting.

Russia’s Propaganda.
Although Russia’s forces have been less active, Russia’s propaganda hasn’t. Below are a few recent examples.

April 20th: Because on Saturday Russia’s forces had obviously been ordered to reduce their provocation firing in the Luhansk region, Ukrainian forces had nothing to fire back at. Cue the above mischief making post on Ukrainian officers – “maybe unwilling” to order any firing due to the Ukraine’s presidential election and a possible change of leadership.

front line trucks
April 19th: This one is a classic. Along a front line of 487km and with Russia having 30,000 to 40,000 troops in eastern Ukraine, their bitching about three alleged Ukrainian trucks on the front line carrying ammo.

rubbish 1
April 19th: With the usual total absence of evidence to back up the fanciful claim, here we have – Ukrainian forces tried to “break through the front line.” No losses were reported by Ukraine.

Meanwhile Russia’s Cannon Fodder continues to suffer.
April 16th: A video was posted on Telegram social media, which is from several years ago. In it we see Russia’s forces scouting close to Ukrainian front line positions. Two soldiers are seen, with the one behind having a video cam recorder attached to his helmet.

Seen standing in the 1st image, the leading soldier is seen to pause. Gingerly, he takes one step forward, but instantly steps on an anti-personnel mine. The resulting explosion (2nd image) blows off his right foot. As seen in the last two images, the accompanying blast knocks the soldier behind him to the ground. The video was posted  by Mikhail Andronik. From Russia, he used to be the military press spokesman for Russia’s puppet Donetsk people’s republic. To deter scouting and opportunistic infantry attacks, both sides booby trap areas close to their lines.

Mine 1

Mine 2

Mine 3

Mine 4 Leading soldier’s right foot has been blown off.


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