News Roundup – Ukraine’s Got a New President

Some Snippets of News.

Ukraine’s soon to have another president.
In the runoff vote on Sunday between incumbent president Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky, the latter won by a landslide, securing around 73% of the vote. Much is now being made of Zelensky’s role as a comedian playing the Ukrainian president on Ukrainian TV. The easy headline of “Ukraine elects a comedian as president” overshadows the fact he’s a trained lawyer, so the 41 year old is no fool.

Needless to say, he’s got some very tough challenges ahead. Putin’s not about to suddenly head for the Russian hills and withdraw his forces from Crimea and eastern Ukraine, but a fresh approach to resolving these issues is surly worth trying and is much-needed.

More on the election win here from the BBC.

Early days, but Zelensky yesterday talked about launching an information war against Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine. Now, information doesn’t stop Russian bullets, but it’s a smarter plan than you might initially think. Over the last 5 years, Ukraine’s official news output has fallen short in its efforts to bring alive the sheer horror of this conflict. Slow to harness the potential of social media, the vast majority of news is still only accessible in the Ukrainian language. The fact that much of the world is largely unaware of a war bubbling away in Europe, is in part due to Ukraine not adequately telling the world about it. Get Russia’s occupation trending on social media and featuring on newspapers front pages and websites, then pressure builds on Putin.


voting 4
Front line Ukrainian soldiers voting yesterday.

Another of my Google Street View images.
Below we see a large Metro store in 2011. Located near the new Donetsk city international airport, in 2014/15 it found itself situated within territory controlled by Russia’s forces. First looted and then used by Russia’s forces as a firing position to shell the Ukraine held airport terminals, it was subsequently bombed into oblivion.

Donetsk 1


Donetsk 2
Looking down on the bombed out Metro Store.

This week I intend to create an – Inside occupied Ukraine Category.
Using it, I’ll start to report on events such as these seen below.

Inside Russia’s Donetsk people’s republic (DPR), they tell us there’s been no TV or radio signals since April 15th. The 12 days of maintenance and repairs maybe linked to Russia’s efforts to better stop transmission interference from Ukraine. I’m sure a break from Russian state media is welcomed.
Not widely known, but in the city of Donetsk, the DPR has had a curfew in place for several years. With shops, bars, cafe’s, restaurants, clubs and evening social events all forced to close at 11pm, and with a city population of around 1 million, it doesn’t take much imagination to realise the huge negative impact an 11pm curfew has on businesses and employment opportunities. Little wonder in occupied Ukraine, jobs are few and far between.


And lastly, another slice of Russian propaganda.
It never fails to bring a smile to my face when they claim Ukrainian territory is somehow “occupied” by Ukraine. The below tweet is a rehash of hyped up unsubstantiated stories about the Ukrainian army moving stuff around. I mean, who’d have thought the Ukrainian army needs ammo to fire at Russia’s forces?

fake news 3

fake news 4
The picture used is from 2015.

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