Front Line News & Russia’s Forces

Predictably, with Russia’s forces in Ukraine prancing around in shiny new uniforms, paid for by Russian tax payers, yesterday was a little calmer. But after Russia’s now cliche “Victory Day” parade, where its soldiers march up and down like clockwork automatons, they got back to the business of prolonging a pointless war.

A total of 14 firing attacks launched, with the Donetsk region on the receiving end of most of Russian lead. 1 Ukrainian soldier reported wounded. Over the last few days, several of Ukraine’s soldiers have been killed.

Russia’s forces parading around Donetsk city.

Ukrainian Return Fire
May 8th: The Ukrainian army gave Russia’s forces another hard lesson in accurate return fire. In Svitlodarsk region, they successfully targeted 2 of their armoured fighting vehicles and a firing position. Note the trench complex is freshly dug.

The unintended consequence of Putin’s invasion and on-going occupation of eastern Ukraine, is the turning of the Ukrainian army into one of the most battle hardened and experienced armies in the world. And their accuracy in hitting Russia’s forces positions has certainly improved over the last 5 years.


Via a Ukrainian UAV, this video shows the Ukrainian fire. 

Google Earth.
With Google Earth having updated into 2018, I’ve been taking a look around. Here we have some good April 2018 sat images of the Russian military base at Myrne – Luhansk region. Comparing it in 2018 with the disused industrial site back in 2015, you can see the place has undergone one or two few changes. Russia’s forces first pitched up here in 2016. Since then, they’ve stationed a large combat unit of around 200 tanks, artillery & armoured fighting vehicles there. Coordinates: 48 21 58.15 N 39 4 29.86 E.

To get a closer look at the site and the mix of military hardware, I’ve added the two Sept 2017 OSCE images.

Base 1
April 26th 2018.

Base 2

Base 3






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